Photography matters. And when I talk about photography, I mean high-quality photos are important in every business. If your social media or website uses poor quality photography, then you will lose credibility and trust with your audience. The last thing every entrepreneur wants is to lose connection with their audience.

Since no entrepreneur wants to lose any customer, the option is to hire a professional photographer. But for starters, is hiring a professional photographer the option? Hiring a professional photographer costs money and lots of it!

Fortunately, there are sites that you can get high-quality free stock photos. That’s amazing, right? In this article, I will give you five best places to find free stock photos for your social media. Let’s read on.

  1. Unsplash is among the best places for stock images. It offers an extensive collection of high quality free stock photos. Unsplash uses their own license that you can read on your page. Make sure you read their terms and conditions for using their photos before you start using the photos.
  1. Negative space. Negative space is an excellent website that offers high quality free stock photos. It releases twenty new photos every week under the Creative Commons Zero CCO. The photos on negative space are searchable and they can be sorted by color, category, and copy space.
  1. Death to stock photos. Death of stock photos is also one of the best sources for stock images. It also offers an extensive collection of high quality free stock photos. When you register for Death to stock photos, a photo pack of ten pictures of a selected category will be delivered to your inbox monthly. Death to stock photos uses their own license which you can read on their webpage. Never forget to read their license before their images.
  1. io. is also one of the best sources for high quality free stock photos. They offer a large collection of beautiful, high-quality free stock photos. The site also has a handy search feature that makes it very easy for you to browse through the images available on the site. What’s more? StockSnap adds hundred of images everyday and all the photos are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). So you are free to use the photos as you like.
  1. Gratisography offer high-quality free stock photos. The pictures are free of copyright restrictions, so you can use the photos for personal and commercial purposes.
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